Zhangjiajie’s Terrifying New Glass Bridge Thrills Visitors

Zhangjiajie bridge

Hovering seemingly in mid-air, a remarkably exposed glass walkway now allows adventurers to challenge their fear of heights in one of China’s national parks.

The aptly named Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Skywalk extends 450 meters across a vertigo-inducing canyon, transporting daredevils 300 meters above the ground. Since opening in July 2023, the transparent footbridge has attracted throngs of tourists and photography enthusiasts.

An Unnerving Stroll Among the Clouds

For acrophobes, the bridge elicits panic from the very first steps. Gripping the glass side rails, many inch tentatively along the walkway, avoiding downward glances that reveal the stomach-churning drop below.

Others lay down spread eagle, dangling over the precipice for snapshots certain to thrill social media followers. Handstands, cartwheels, and high-kicks without a safety harness capture the boundless escapades the bridge enables.

The scariest part? Only five centimeters of crystal-clear glass separate visitors’ feet from the yawning canyon, though engineers assure the sturdy panes can each withstand 40 tons of weight.

Surmounting Fear for the Views

The Skywalk specifically entices the most daring sightseers. Yet even individuals with pronounced vertigo steel their nerves to overcome acrophobia, if only for a few memorable minutes.

“It flips my stomach upside down,” one anxious man remarks, before steadying himself and marching forth. The transparent passages hover above spires of weathered limestone, like walking trails embedded in the sky.

For endless photo opportunities without risking a deadly fall, the bridge requires safety harnesses. Visitors seeking an even bigger adrenaline rush can further challenge their limits on adjacent cliffside paths.

Zhangjiajie’s Breathtaking Landscapes

The glass bridge supplements Zhangjiajie National Forest Park’s portfolio of awe-inspiring attractions like:

  • The mountainous pillar run made famous by the Avatar films
  • Tianzi Mountain’s towering sandstone peaks reaching 1,200 meters
  • Golden Whip Creek’s pristine 11-kilometer watersource trail
  • Yuanjiajie’s rocky lookouts and hiking routes through subtropical forest

Experience the Vertigo

As long as acrophobia doesn’t immobilize you completely, anyone up for confronting their fear of heights should visit the remarkable Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge. Just expect some jelly legs, clammy palms, and a racing heart atop the transparent deathtrap in the clouds!